Leaf Peeping & More: October 2012

A Riot of Color

(Leaving Saratoga Springs for Lake Placid & Lake George)
Oct. 6, 2012


Leaving Saratoga Springs with its sculptured horses and Victorian mansions
and its porches and domes
We have a greater appreciation for the beauty of both Nature
and beautifully built homes.

Heading North towards Canada, the colors are running riot;
Tall trees dazzle us with their full palette “diet.”

Houses disappear as we leer at the trees
Blue sky reappears, its beauty bringing me to my knees.

The road is a ribbon flanked by orange, yellow and red.
Dazzled by it all, what can I do instead?

Just enjoy the fall in all its glory.
That says it all; end of story!


P.S. The race track is a big draw in Saratoga Springs, with life-sized horses made from different materials & painted different colors, such as the one above in front of the race track entrance There was also a carousel near our hotel & I took a snapshot from the car:

Leaf Peeping & More: Oct. 2012

Mother Nature at Her Best
( Saratoga Springs, NY)

October 4, 2012

Mother Nature’s sure been busy;
so much color makes me dizzy!

Traveling North the trees have changed;
autumn’s landscape rearranged…

Featuring  foliage in full fall zest;
Nature’s wearing her bold, October vest.

Sunny days & chilly nights;
leaves are falling, feathery light.

The blazing colors are mesmerizing
This brilliant scene is hypnotizing.

All too soon, the trees are bare,
But for today, I don’t care, I don’t care!

P.S. Our first stop was Saratoga Springs, NY, a lovely  town with beautiful Victorian homes (next post). Many trees & plants were already at their peak, but still many colorful ones to enjoy.

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