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P.I.C. – Vegetable Bird’s Nests

Monday, August 31st, 2009



My husband and I shop at Treader Joe’s about once each month, purchasing items that are unique to Trader Joe’s, such as the one today, Vegetable Bird’s Nests. These mouth-watering appetizers are small enough to pop in your mouth, crispy and tasty from the oven or the grill.

The main ingredients are carrots, onion, and kale, swirled in a colorful combination that both vegetarian and non-vegetarian family and friends love. There are also two small packets of dipping sauce which come with the nests.

Be sure to buy at least two boxes, because there are only 8 in each package, and they are eaten up in a hurry! In fact, we buy 3 or 4 at a time, because we have “turned on” so many of our friends to these tasty morsels that Trader Joe’s has trouble keeping them in stock. I use them as an appetizer or side vegetable with a meal, especially when we BBQ, because they taste great when grilled to a golden crispness.


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