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Leaf Peeping & More: October 2012

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Another coincidence: As we drove to Toronto, we made a pit stop in Trenton, Canada. Trenton, NJ is where I grew up:


Celebrating Our Anniversary in Toronto


Our 8th anniversary in a huge city, Toronto, 2.5 million strong
In the old city, a Farmers’ Market* with a balladeer singing his song.


Flowers among the many high rises.

Lake Ontario rims this bustling metropolis
filled with a multi-cultured populace.

Amid high rises, we walked to the CN Tower, needle-shaped, thin & tall
with a panoramic view of the Toronto, “wall to wall.”


View of Toronto from the outside deck of the CN Needle, protected by wire.


From the circular restaurant, the contrast between city & Nature is clear;
tall buildings hug the lake’s edge— disconcerting & austere.

Walking along Lake Shore Drive, you could enjoy the view & the expansive lake
But like any city, the natural beauty is shrinking; yet, pleasant mem’ries we will take.

Thanks to our traveling companions, Jackie & Irv, for this photo.


*P.S. We went to the Old City Farmers’ Market & stopped at a raw food cafe and sampled the food, which included many uncooked crudites. The name of the place reflects this. Very tasty! Thanx to Jackie for taking this photo, because I forgot my camera.