Petition about Toilet Paper?

  • FACT: Most people use between one and two rolls of TP each week.
    1 Year Supply of Toilet paper: So if you wanted to store ahead a one-year supply of toilet paper at 2 rolls per week (for preparedness), you’re looking at about 100 rolls per person (about 8 12-packs or 4 cases of 24).
After Googling for the above information I thought the petition below was important enough to post. This is not an insignificant issue! ellensue


URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Charmin toilet paper is threatening our climate, Indigenous communities, and woodland caribou. 

Procter & Gamble — the corporation behind Charmin — is getting fiber to make their toilet paper from historic old-growth trees in Canada’s boreal forest. This beautiful boreal forest is known as “the Amazon of the North.”

The boreal forests are not just essential to wildlife and the Indigenous peoples who call these forests home, but they also store millions of tons of carbon — an essential defense against the climate crisis that impacts our entire planet and every one of us.

But Procter & Gamble’s suppliers are recklessly chopping down these majestic trees to make toilet paper — and Procter & Gamble itself refuses to stop them. If they don’t change course immediately, we could lose this unique ecosystem forever. TAKE ACTION NOW: Tell Procter & Gamble to STOP flushing our precious forests down the toilet.


Corporations like Procter & Gamble are more concerned with maximizing their profit at any and all costs. But the cost to communities, species, and our climate is simply too high to keep carelessly flushing our forests away.

Instead of using materials from precious forests, P&G should be using recycled materials and sustainable alternatives. We already know this change is possible. Major companies like Trader Joe’s and 365 Bath Tissue are already taking this planet-safe approach.

Meanwhile, Charmin toilet paper has NO recycled content — and Procter & Gamble has taken no responsibility for their environmental destruction. Add your name now to help protect our planet from corporate greed and prevent the Amazon of the North from going down the drain.


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