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Cooking with Zoom: Friday, July 10th, 10:30 am, EST

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Kitchen Nutrition Invites You to “The Good Taste of Health” Cooking Class with nutrition educator and natural foods cook, Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson, publisher of Menupause and author of several cookbooks.


(Photo from my recent posting called Salad Alley: Fruits! Click on link for recipe: )

Hello to all you interested in Zooming into my kitchen. My cooking demos are based on my 14-year old website, Feel free to browse the Recipe Index for recipes that I have posted, usually every week.

Kitchen Nutrition will feature plant-based recipes that you can use as side dishes if you are not a vegetarian, or main dishes if you are looking to expand your meatless menus. My recipes are not complicated or overly-expensive to make, plus by cooking foods low on the food chain, there will be less of a negative environmental impact. Eating healthfully is a good step towards building your immune system.

The emphasis will be on fresh, readily available, whole foods made into summer salads or entrees. They will also be gluten-free, sugar free except maybe for a bit of honey or molasses, dairy free with dairy options, and dishes with an emphasis on The Good Taste of Health.

My hope is that you will enjoy trying a variety of (new) foods and enjoy an eating experience that emphasizes fresh, whole foods with a nod to treats that are also healthful.

You are invited to zoom-in on the class without any fee. Since it is my first experience with Zoom as a teacher, the head of programs, Judy, said to expect some glitches. I remember that Julia Childs used to  get herself out of jams on public television, so I hope I can be as inventive.

If you think you might join me, please email me at: and I will send your email to Judy for the direct link. Or if you aren’t sure, I will send the link probably early Friday morning and you can join me.

Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom. The class will be about one hour with some time at the end for questions.

 NOTE: The emphasis will be on food combining for better digestion. See food combining chart below.


Eat-a-Rainbow Summer Fruit Salad

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

A few days ago I used the term “Eat a Rainbow,” which I have seen in magazines that focus on healthy recipes. I like this idea because it reflects the much earlier suggestion in dietary guidelines from the USDA and American Cancer Society to eat a variety of foods. By focusing on a variety of colors, we tap into nutrients that are found in these foods. In “Color Me Healthy — Eating for a Rainbow of Benefits” by Juliann Schaeffer in Today’s Dietitian,  (’, the author talks about phytochemicals, which I posted in my Glossary. Here is the excerpted definition below:

Phytochemicals are plant-derived essential nutrients scientifically confirmed as important to human health. There is evidence from laboratory studies that phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer (Source:

The colors are indicators of nutrients and the darker the color, the denser the nutrients. For example, blackberries and blueberries contain the phytochemical anthocyanin. Anthocyanins are considered to be heart healthy. Green foods from chlorophyll (a natural plant pigment) are high in another phytochemical called isothiocyanate, which helps the liver deal with carcinogens that can lead to cancer. A subset of this is yellowishgreen foods that contain the phytochemical lutein, which is a nutrient for eye health. Reddish fruits & veggies contain lycopene, which is also associated with cancer reduction.

So, here is my rainbow fruit salad with several colors that could easily be a prime example of my motto, The Good Taste of Health. I used all organic fruits, but if you are unable to do so, check with the environmental group’s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen ( for their current list. I always buy organic when I cannot peel the fruit, even if it is not on the Dirty Dozen list.

Utensils: Cutting board & knife, strainer or colander, serving bowl
Prep. Time: 10-15 minutes
Cooking Time: None!
Categories: Vegan if using non-dairy topping, Gluten-Free

Ingredients [Total:  1/2 – 2 cups (organic) fruits]

strawberries or raspberries  (RED)
grapes (red and/or green) or green kiwi (GREEN)
mango or papaya or pineapple (YELLOW, ORANGE)
blueberries and/or blackberries(BLUE)
avocado slices (optional)*(GREEN)
Coconut or almond sugar-free yogurt
Chopped walnuts or pecans or unsweetened dried coconut
2 t. Maple syrup (optional)

*Avocado is actually a fruit and its a smooth texture goes nicely with the other fruits.


  1. Wash all the fruits well and drain.
  2. Peel (if using) the mango, papaya, kiwi, and avocado and cut into small pieces or thin slices.
  3. Place the fruits in a serving bowl and right before serving, top with maple syrup (if using), yogurt, and/or nut or dried coconut.Serves two to four, depending on whether this is your whole breakfast or a snack or a side dish/appetizer. Also, feel free to use other ripe, organic fruits in season: peaches, plums, apricots, etc.


P.S. The rainbow in the title reminded me that this month is also Gay Pride Month and that we need all the colors to make a rainbow, just as we need all kinds of people to make the world a place in which everyone can participate without fear of prejudice or reprisals for their chosen lifestyles.

Note: I am posting this in 2 places: Home Page, and Kitchen Nutrition