March 8th: International Women’s Day: Organizations to Empower Women

March 8th is International Women’s Day and I have four organizations that help and empower women everywhere. Here’s my short list.  Non-profit foundations funding women’s rights often include children and fathers, but most of the emphasis is on helping women and just recently, the focus is on the war in Ukraine, where thousands of mainly woman and children are fleeing for safety. Please visit these websites for more information. es


This photo from the website notes that the organization is highlighting “Supporting Women to Thrive at Work and as entrepreneurs.” FINCA gives emergency loans to women who need help to keep their small businesses afloat, especially during the COVID crisis.

2) Photo from website:

The Global Fund for Women’s rights initiatives was founded in 1987 by New Zealander Anne Firth Murray, and co-founded by Frances Kissling and Laura Lederer to fund women’s initiatives around the world.. Wikipedia

3) HIAS:

“Welcome the stranger” is HIAS’ slogan. And with the refugee crisis in Ukraine (mostly women and children fleeing), this is a good time to investigate this helpful organization.

Note from Wikipedia: HIAS (founded as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) is a Jewish American nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees. It was originally established in 1881 to aid Jewish refugees. In 1975, the State Department asked HIAS to aid in resettling 3,600 Vietnam refugees. Since that time, the organization continues to provide support for refugees of all nationalities …

4) Women for Women International:

Photo from the website

“Each of us can make a difference, in big and small ways. This is your chance to stand up, speak up, and join a global community creating a better world for women.” (from the website) You can also sponsor a woman (“sister”) and help her survive, which I did a few years ago and received a letter about my “sister” at the end of the year.

These are only four organizations that came across my desk via snail mail. Feel free to do your own research and find one that feels right for you. In the Women for Women International letter I received was this concept:

“The Butterfly Revolution is a metaphor for the concept that even small actions….like the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings…can have far-reaching effects…”  And at my volunteering for The Hunger Project many years ago, I learned that each person can make a difference, echoing the Butterfly Revolution that, as the letter notes, “…everyone of us can have a major impact on making the world a better place for women in need.”

TAKE ACTION! (Wear something purple!)


P.S. March 6th was the 16th anniversary of  my posting on Menupause. I still love doing it and would like your comments! es

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