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The Dear One Letters by Connie Numbers

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

The Dear One Letters by Dr. Connie Numbers is a powerful and empowering set of spiritual letters focusing on the Divine Spirit in all of us. Reading it has changed my perception of myself, as well as the world around me, and has enlightened my life.

The subtitle encapsulates the contents of this must-read spiritual book: “A Path to Growing as a Human and Evolving as a Soul.” Notice that the author does not say THE path, but rather A path. Just as A Course in Miracles does not say this is THE Course in Miracles, but rather A Course, so, too, this book is Dr. Numbers’ concept of how we are spiritual beings in human form, reaching to return to our spiritual home.

This is not a religious book, that is, no special religion is evoked. I do not even know the author’s religion. But she does talk about God, the Creator, Divine Spirits, and Angels, so if you do not ascribe to any particular religion, but do seek answers on a spiritual level, this book may be perfect for you.

Because the book’s letters are crammed with food for thought, I think the best way to convey its essence is with sample quotes, because the words of the letters are so powerful. As the author notes in the Preface concerning revelation gleaned from her therapist: “…who spoke what seemed to be an entirely new language,” reading these letters also seemed like a new language to me.

The letters are divided into seven sections with descriptive titles and include eight or nine brief letters related to the topic of that section. And each section is punctuated with a different & delightful heart design. (I used one of hers that I scanned as a sample.)

…when you accept and embrace all the feelings of who you are as a human being, you are on the path of knowing yourself as Divine. (p. 67 in the letter entitled Feelings Are Not Truths)

While you cannot be responsible for everything that happens in your world, you can be accountable for what happened in your life….Taking responsibility, Dear One, goes hand in hand with choice…You are now empowering yourself to change within, without expecting another to change for you (pages 82, 83 & 84 in the letter entitled Responsibility is Your Key to Freedom)

One of the most important functions of patience throughout the process of life is to remind you that the journey is much more rewarding than the arrival…Every road you will follow in this lifetime must be traveled in its own right and perfect time. (p. 89 in the letter entitled The Journey Will Always Trump the Arrival)

…looking closely at your reactions is essential to feeling you have more control over your life…Most important, what you can control is your reaction to them…. Perceiving what you are learning from a situation, rather than focusing on the situation itself, can actually make the event more tolerable…(and) will also help you cope with it. (pp. 92 & in the letter entitled It’s Not What Happens to You in Life, It’s How You Handle It)

Fear, Dear One, creates separation in your world, not only between individuals, but between countries, as well…..Worry, anxiety, obsession, and doubt are common extensions of fear.  Low self-esteem and vulnerability follow suit…When you allow fear to take up too much space in your heart, it means you have stepped out of alignment with who you really are…hold the powerful thought that fear does not have to rule your life. (pp. 108-109& 111 in the letter entitled Fear Shows You Where More Love is Needed)

You are here to make mistakes. Blunders, blotches, and bungles are all part of growth. In fact, you cannot evolve without them. You are perfectly imperfect. (p. 123 in the letter entitled: There’s a Little Tarnish on Everybody’s Halo: The Fear of Not Being Good Enough.)

You, and you alone, are responsible for what you think about yourself—and you, and you alone, are responsible for your own approval or rejection…You came to let your Light shine, and by allowing your Light to show its own unique brilliance, you also give permission for others to do the same. (pp. 128-129 in the letter entitled Staying Small: The Fear of What Others Think)

Letting go of judgment is one of the major keys to growing as a human and evolving as a soul. When judgment is suspended, it is so much easier to be with yourself… The reward you get from releasing judgment is knowing and feeling your own soul. (p. 167 & 168 in the letter entitled The Secret to Releasing Judgment)

You are not here to live up to the expectations of others. Yours are high enough. You also did not come to this Earth to put others before you. You came to experience equal importance. (p. 173 in the letter entitled Growth is Learning to be a Disappointment)

You are an incredible Divine vibration of energy that has come to this Earth for a time in which to experience the physical life that will continue your evolution as a soul….Always remember that letting you Light shine does not lessen the Light of another. (pp. 178 & 180 in the letter entitled Feeling Humble and Magnificent in the Same Breath)   Connie, grammatically it should be incredibly, not incredible.

By remembering that you are a soul first and a human second, you will allow yourself to experience the excitement that comes from being a Divine Observer living in the human world. (p. 212 in the letter entitled Becoming the Divine Observer)

The Dear One Letters by Dr. Connie Numbers is published by Two Harbors and costs $16.95. It is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but will be received more quickly by order directly from the author. Dr. Connie Numbers, 642 W. Chatman Drive NW, Calabash, NC 28467. The total cost is $19.95, which includes shipping & handling…a spiritual bargain!