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Today is National Cat Day

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

I was at the Senior Center earlier this morning learning to use Twitter with the intern and learned that today is National Cat Day. When I was in State College a few weeks ago and visited my midwife, there was the cutest grey tabby small enough to fit in my hands. I held her and  realized how much I missed having a cat, so I am hoping to help out at a shelter as a volunteer. Believe me when I say I will get more than I give!

You can see lots of cat photos if you Google National Cat Day. (The photo above was from a website by Petco.)

Below is my mini-review of a book written by local author Judith Trustone.  The book is engaging and the cats are anthropomorphized.

The Cat’s Secret Guide to Living with Humans by Judith Trustone with Angel, the Stress Management Cat with wonderful illustrations by Gail Miller, is an adorable book for adults. By the time you read the book and enjoy the illustrations, you may become a cat lover if you are not one already. The early chapters cover how to become a cat lover from Angel’s viewpoint (the cat on the cover).

Then Angel dives into holistic health issues, such as cat massage, cats and music, cats and stress from living from humans and other topics that actually relate to humans, including exercise, reflexology, aerobics, “catupuncture,” all with delightful sketches by artist/acupuncture Gail Miller. (See example below.)

Written in brief sentences with introductory full pages, the book feels a lot like a kids’ book, especially with the numerous sketches, and in fact, a young child who can read might enjoy it, as well as a teen. I plan to send a copy to my daughter and her partner, both of whom love cats and have two of their own they  rescued.

This book is available from the author through or by email: It costs $14.95 plus shipping & handling. Great gift for cat lovers!