Tea Bag Update #3

My husband’s daughter Penny gave me a lovely box of tees with translucent bags in a pyramid shape. Here’s the reply from my inquiry about plastic in tea bags:




info@teaforte.com info@teaforte.com

Dear Ellen Sue,  Thank you for contacting TeaForte.Tea Forté’s signature pyramid infusers are made from lab tested, FDA approved, food grade, recyclable PET and hand-crafted into pyramid shape without the use of any chemical additives, colorants or adhesives. Our signature pyramid infuser has been lab tested for leaching/migration and complies with FDA food safe packaging specifications. Additionally, our infuser material does not contain gluten or GMOs. Our infusers are designed to allow for free flow of water for best possible tea extraction and maximum expansion of the tea leaf. We also offer a full range of organic loose leaf teas in recyclable canisters for consumers who seek minimal packaging: https://www.teaforte.com/store/gourmet-tea/loose-leaf-tea-blends/ Thank you for your interest in TeaForte and kind regards, ELVINE WEIJNSCHENK |Customer Experience Representative, 5 Mill & Main Place Suite 05 – 211Maynard MA 01754 T:  978-369-7777 x56 teaforte.com

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