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This recent email is important as we hit the beaches and pools. Click the first link for general info. Click on  the second link for the list before you go shopping for sunscreen this year. (The picture will bleed into the right hand margin. Can’t be resized.)

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EWG's Sunscreen Hall of Shame

Memorial Day weekend is here, and that means summer is officially underway.

It also means it’s time to think about the best ways to protect yourself and your family from the dangerous effects of sun exposure as you plan your summer adventures.

This year, EWG and its Healthy Child Healthy World program have teamed up to bring you two must-have sun safety tip sheets that will help keep you and your family safe all summer long:

Some of the products that fall seriously short in this year’s Hall of Shame include big brands such as Neutrogena, Banana Boat, Coppertone and others that continuously get away with using egregious marketing claims and hyping their products at the expense of consumer health.

We know it can be overwhelming to sift through the store shelves full of products and figure out the best ways to protect yourself and your family from the sun – that’s why EWG and Healthy Child Healthy World did the work for you. So don’t go in the sun without us.

Here’s to a fun – and safe – summer,

– EWG Hall of Shame


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