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Feedback on Suicide by Sugar

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Last month I reviewed Suicide by Sugar from Square One Publishing. Here’s some Feedback from my naturapathic friend Hope, whose Profile appeared in the January 2008 posting.

Thank you Ellen Sue. We all have had a mistaken idea about sugar. Sugar and sweet have been associated with love. Adults love to see the smiles on children’s faces from sugar treats and grow up to become adults who use sugar to make up for their lack of passion in their lives.

Sugar, which is bad enough in excess, and the substitute of high fructose corn syrup, is creating the obesity dilemma that is upon us. Sweet now comes as the fake forms of no calories aspartames and whatever else we have created to trick consumers into believing that it is only the calories that is the problem with sugar.

Unfortunately, as it is well known in the alternative community, sweet causes the body to react the same way as sugar.   Addicitons are high and to realize this is an unconscious search for one’s passion helps us understand we have a lot of love-lost souls wandering around seeking love, hypoglycemia and those who have given up, looking hyperglycemic. I offer my sugar-free Love, Hope.

Thanks, Hope! I never made the link between craving for love and craving for sugar, but then, chocolates at Valentine’s Day puts the two together. Personally,since reviewing this book,  I am working on eating more veggies and less sweet fruits, as well as juices and simple carbs with a sugar rush.