Article on Stroke in Women’s Voices for Change

Angiogram of a healthy heart from:

Every Monday, Women’s Voices for Change (WVFC) has a column called Medical Monday. Yesterday’s was about the anatomy of a stroke. Here is the definition of stroke from the column:

Strokes are caused by many different things, but roughly 25 percent are cardioembolic (i.e. a clot breaks off from the heart and blocks a vessel in the brain; 25 percent large-artery atherosclerosis(plaques forming in the walls of the large arteries in the head or neck, leading to blockages), and 25 percent small-vessel disease. The remaining 25 percent are caused by a number of less common problems, or are cryptogenic, meaning that a cause is unable to be determined.

As you can see, a stroke is related to the heart, so the column’s very appropriate for Heart Awareness Month in February.

I invite you to read the entire article by clicking on this link:

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