A Poem, A Picture, A Celebration of World Food Day

October is my favorite “season” and here is a poem by my creative writing friend Stanley Fink and art by my artistic friend Judy Ringold.
Boiling hot Summer
Simmers down
Turn down the gas
September let it cool.
Orange and rust palette
Blots out tree green
Earth is marching softly
Away from the Sun
To winter encampment
Near the frigid Moonscape.
How will i maintain my orbit
Through these ice Mountains,
Blustering winds of disease
Social upheaval, disinformation,
Political loyalties ,
Families and friends
Stretched to the breaking point.
Will our collective orbit ever
Swing back to another Spring?
P.S. Today is World Vegetarian Day. Here’s a good link:
Today might be a good day to have a meatless meal to celebrate!

Lancaster Farm Poem & Painting

Lancaster Farm

painting by Judy Ringold (above) and poem by Stanley Fink (below)


Early morning rising sun


Farm house



All nestled

In the green shade of

Old Oak and Maple trees.

This place is

So quiet, serene and still

It seems frozen in time.

The harvest and livestock

Are safely sheltered

From rain and snow.

But the biggest threat

Is our own attitude.

This land is sacred–

We do not own it.

Ours only to borrow

To preserve for tomorrow.


Thanx to Judy & Stanley for their timely contributions! I am reading books on climate control and the environment, so this dynamic duo seems very timely.

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