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Japan in Spring

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

My kid brother Harry & his wife Karen recently returned from Japan. Harry is a retired  ophthalmologist who loves to take photographs. He loves everything about the eyes. He sent over 200 photos and I picked just a few of his nature photos & asked him for a few sentences of comment. See below:

Japan is an exotic land filled with polite people who are seemingly always in a hurry; sounds and signs of a language that is not easy to master; and foods that a westerner like me had difficulty identifying as well as eating. Japan also boasts countless temples with beautiful gardens and cities with diverse personalities. Everything is bright and clean – and crowded! I think it may take a non-Asian a bit of time to fully appreciate the culture. A trip there will give you “food for thought.”




I picked all the ones that reflected the season of spring. Hope you enjoyed them. es