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November Already?

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019


I find it hard to believe that we are almost at the end of the year 2019. Why does it seem that the days whiz by the older we get? And with November, I know the fall flowers and leaves will soon be all gone and the trees and ground will be barren, so I have a poem for that, below.

But before we lose the colors of fall, I also want to post some photos of trees and flowers I have been taking the last couple weeks, so you can click on the pictures and enjoy the fall colors anytime.

However, I also want to note that November is American Diabetes Month and I will be posting information on this important topic, as well reviewing a book or two on memory loss. But for now, just enjoy the trees and flowers wherever you are. (If you live in the south, your peak foliage’s just beginning. Lucky you!

Finally, I want to apologize for the fact that some the petitions and information I post override the margins and make reading difficult. Unfortunately, I cannot change the width the message and will have to just post the link when the margin is obliterated. Thanx for your patience.

Mother Nature’s Flaming Foliage

Mother Nature’s palette is exquisite this time of year

Her visit of fall colors like a bold, jewel-toned necklace:

 leaves and flowers of russet and gold, red and yellow…

So bold against the sunny skies they dazzle my eyes.

The leaves are the trees last hurrah, before winter comes

and bare limbs succumb to freezing rain and snow.

                                                                                           So please do not weep!

I know the trees are just going to sleep,

soldiering against the winter storms until Spring,

bringing the bling of new flowers and green leaves.


But for a few more days, I wallow in the beauty of fall,

Its flaming flowers & foliage always, for me, will enthrall!





MAY is Here!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

May is my second favorite month, with October being first. Actually, when the azaleas and tulips and daffodils start to bloom in April and May, I almost change my mind and put May first, but then October rolls around with its jewel-toned leaves and I forget about May!

Everywhere I go I see lovely azaleas, with their brief but beautiful blooming.

May is the last month of Spring, so I hope to take more photos of its beauty before the heat of the summer begins with other flowers and green foliage.

Perhaps the most important items for me for May are National Osteoporosis Month and National Mental Health Month. Personally and professionally, I think both topics are relevant, especially for those of us over 50. I receive a wonderful newsletter called Save Our Bones and I have written for an online magazine called Recovery Diaries (OC87 Recovery Diaries). I just received a flyer about a local event and I may attend. Check out the website!

This is a photo of a quilt from last year’s quilt show at the Wayne Art Center. It is springy in nature and also reflective of the tangles our thoughts can sometimes develop!

Apology: I did not create a list iof environmental organizations for Earth Day Every Day, so I will do that in May and maybe into the summer, as I receive information from the many organizations working to save our planet. I recently saw an article in Sierra Magazine entitled “There is No Planet B,” and hope to comment on that as part of my ongoing postings on this topic.

Finally, Cherie Goren’s book, A Time to Keep, is slated to be on Amazon by the end of May.  We ran into an unfortunate, sad “glitch” in which my friend and colleague lost her partner Mark very unexpectedly and so the book is on a temporary hold. But it is almost done! Here is a picture of the new cover:


Happy MAY DAY!