Vote! Vote! Vote!

The prompt for this week’s New Horizon’s creative writing group (the sr. center where we ZOOM the class) had many good poems and essays on voting, but this one from Sondra Koch seems to say it all! Thanx, Sondra.

P.S. This is a departure from the eco-postings, but important enough to insert for voting reminder for Nov. 8th.


This is one of the reminders we received for Election Day. es
Vote–Please, Do It!
by Sondra Koch
Speak out
Don’t shout
Be sure your voice is heard
Measure every word
Make your opinion clear
To everyone you’re near
In hope they will desire
The values you admire
Be informed and be aware
The ballot box is how to care
Democracy is our true right
Protect it from a banished plight
Listen to another voice
Before you make your final choice
Bubble ballot clear and dark
On history you’ll leave your mark
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