It Never Rains in California????

Note: Just back from California, where there seemed to be a weather reversal. It was cold and/or rainy in California (with snow in Reno, NV), while my husband turned on the air conditioner in the car back in Philadelphia. Here is my travel tale in rhyme. Now it is on the Home Page as well as in Travel Tales, suggested by my daughter-in-law, so it will be seen whenever someone searches a topic related to my topics and where my tags are relevant to your search.


LA was sunny and then came the rain
Pouring down after I boarded the “storm” train.

This picture is taken from inside the train looking out the window to the ocean, which is all brown from the storm’s churning up the sand, I think.

Chugging North to San Luis Obispo (SLO)
Storm came on strong; train was very slow.

I took this photo on the land side of the train (not the ocean). The rain has brought back all the greenery, but with it, lots of flooding and downed trees.

Trees on the tracks & side of the road; we stopped for people stranded.
After SLO, flew to Reno, where it snowed as we landed.

I took this photo outside my bedroom window at my son and dauhter-in-law’s home the morning after the storm. It warmed up and most of it melted by the next day.

From snow-covered Reno to Oakland, somewhat sunny, yet chilly
Seeing all my kids was great, before heading back to warmer Philly.

Like the mailmen and women who deliver our letters, rain or shine,
I travel to see my children, suitcase in hand, so everything is fine!

  • Our was thelast train North to Seattle because of the severe storm conditions


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