Recycling @ Mom’s Organic

As you enter Mom’s Organic store where I shop, there is a large poster about recycling. I snapped it with my phone, so the resolution is not great, but it makes its point. I bring in a bag full of items to recycle almost every time I shop. (See list below photo.)

Since the photo is not sharp, I am listing the items (left to right) with the numbers or poundage below:

Mom’s Organic Recycled in 2017:

381,924   bar wrappers

66,922  food squeeze pouches

226,115 snack bags

2.3 million pounds of cardboard

Offset 24,000 metric Tons of CO2

Composted 2.8 million pounds of food

Purchased 12,227 wind & solar recs

Prevented the use of 5,694 plastic bags daily

Recycled 3,145 pounds of denim

Recycled 2,932 pounds of corks

Recycled 25,478 pounds of shoes

Recycled 49,2224 pounds of batteries

This is really a great example of Earth Day Every Day. Thanx, Mom!


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