Quick ‘n Easy Holiday Salad

Continuing with the theme of red, white & green foods, I made a salad last night that was super-simple & tasty. You could whip this up for a holiday meal in about 10 minutes.

Utensils: cutting board & knife, serving bowl
Prep. Time: Less than 10 minutes
Cooking Time: NONE!
Categories: Vegan, Gluten, Sugar free


Organic baby greens, spinach, or other green of your choice, enough to line a serving bowl.
2-3 red radishes (I found really big ones so I used them as a border.)
3-4 button mushrooms, sliced thinly
olive oil & lemon
salt & pepper (optional)


1. Wash the greens & spin dry or dry in a clean towel.
2. Slice the radishes and place around the rim of the serving bowl. (Or add after you toss with dressing.)
3. Wash & slice mushrooms and add to the bowl.
4. Toss with salt & pepper (optional) and olive oil & lemon or your own dressing. Serve chilled

Variations: Add sliced red bell pepper, cashews, sprouts,sliced leeks, etc.

Here is my simple salad with added leeks and sprouts.

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