Review of Until the Day We Die by Jockie Loomer-Kruger

47.5 million people worldwide live with dementia. Jockie Loomer-Kruger’s new book, Until the Day We Die is not only tender and touching, but also very timely given the statistics.

While the book is a novel and therefore a work of fiction, it is based partially on the author’s experience with her own husband. As she notes: “It draws on stories lived, told, heard, and imagined.”

Most of the story takes place at the nursing home where Jenny’s husband Rudy is being cared for. What is important, however, is that the author tackles the issue of sexuality among seniors, a topic that not many people read about in such detail. The author has done a stunning job of creating a triangle that involves Jenny, Rudy, and a new female resident at the home.

While the story is very engaging, the reader also receives a great deal of information on the workings in a nursing home. The head nurse at the facility thinks that Rudy’s attraction to the new resident is quite natural among people with dementia, until the situation becomes somewhat dangerous.

Jenny’s feelings are spelled out with sincerity, drawing the reader into her efforts to take care of her husband while tacking the unexpected issue with the new resident. Jenny expresses her feelings with an honesty that I found very touching.

I could not put this book down, because the characters felt very real to me. Although the end of the book involves Rudy’s death, the book itself is not overly sad.

Until the Day We Die is a much needed “up close and personal” novel that gave me information, insights, and concern about the whole topic of dementia. I can’t say I “enjoyed” the book, but rather, I appreciated the author’s honesty, storytelling skills, and exploration of this timely topic. A must-read for those who know someone who is dealing with this disease and needs support, because in the end, it is the power of love that is the message.

Until the Day We Die is published by Moose House Publications.

The book is $24.95 plus shipping, payable through PayPal from Moose House Publications

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Personal Note:

I met Jockie online because of our mutual love of hanging clothes outdoors. She contributed wonderful folk art paintings of women hanging our clothes for my book For the Love of Clotheslines, available from Amazon and from me.  I envy her because she is now living with her daughter and has access to a clothesline!


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