Between Seasons: Sept.- Oct. 2017

We are between seasons: summer’s ending but not yet fall.
The flowers are still lovely!

This plant in our condo area has leaves that are “fall red.”

While taking a walk near our condo, I realized that fall flowers are much more intense than spring flowers. The former are somewhat jewel-toned, while the latter tend to be either pastels or bright colors, but not deep colors. Maybe the fall flowers are a precursor to the jewel-toned leaves as they lose their chlorophyll and allow the oranges, deep reds, and golds show through. So here are some of the photos to enjoy in between my comments, as well as some clothesline photos, since I am still working on my book. (See next paragraph.)

Black-Eyed Susans in the back patio of our condo

The last two months I have been focusing on my book about clotheslines. The new title is: For the Love of Clotheslines and my friend Krista has been helping me publish with Create Space in exchange for my editing help with her books. I will be editing and redrafting during September, so my postings may be spotty.

One of the photos from Italy NOT in my book. Too many!!

September always feels like a new beginning. It’s the end of summer, the beginning of school, and the Jewish New Year, so I feel like it’s another time of starting over or starting again. At the same time, the leaves are also beginning to turn. Here is one photo from our parking area that shows a hint of fall on the leaves in the upper right hand corner. Can’t wait! My favorite season is almost here.

First hint of fall.






I have been reading Diane Mott Davidson’s books on culinary  mysteries in anticipation of my doing a review of one of them at our condo club in mid-September: The Whole Enchilada. I will review the author and make general comments on her books, since I have read several. I will also include one of her recipes that I made for the meeting.





Another book I want to review is a memoir by Jockie Loomer-Kruger, whose art work is in my book on clotheslines. Her book is entitled Valley Child: A Memoir and features her folk art.






While my friend Pat was here in August,
we made a kind of slaw without mayonnaise
that was based on another recipe we found.
I plan to post that some time this month, with
or without tofu, since with tofu it can be a wholemeal,
while without, it is a salad served with an entrée.

Since my focus has been on my clothesline book, I have not investigated other dates for fall, but I do believe it is National Grandparents Day the first Sunday after Labor Day (September 10th) and plan to review a children’s book about a teddy bear called Harold that will be available Sept. 8th on Amazon.

Labor Day week-end starts today, and I am sure you have better things to do than stare at my photos on the computer, so I will end with just one more flower photo and hope to post more throughout the month. Go out in nature and see flowers and plants where you live!

I love the deep red of the begonias.

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