July 2020: What’s Next?

I generally write what I plan to post for the month, but with the negative news about upticks in COVID-19 numbers, I am not sure what I will be posting, except for a couple of book reviews on climate change and some summer recipes.

So, instead, I am posting a lighter topic with a photo of what I call “My ‘Inner’ Clothesline.” Since we live in a condo where there are no clotheslines, I use the wrought iron railing between my living room and dining room to hang items to dry. Last week I washed all my mittens, scarves, and hats and used the railing to dry the scarves because I would afraid the dryer would shrink them.  Here’s the photo:


Behind the “clothesline” is my dining room table, where all my winter hats and gloves that are washable are laid flat on the plastic covering over the glass table. So, basically, my dining room became an ecological way to dry my winter scarves, hats and gloves.


My book, For the Love of Clotheslines is available on Amazon, in case you love clotheslines as much as I do!


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