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Friends of the Earth Message on Pesticides

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

My friend Honey sent me an important message:


The Senate could vote to make Scott Hutchins the next chief scientist for the USDA as soon as TODAY. After more than 30 years working for Dow AgroSciences with a focus on pesticides, he is clearly a friend of Big Ag, not the planet.
Hutchins’ deep ties to the pesticide industry are blatantly unacceptable. If he gets this USDA job, he’ll be responsible for directing public research on the future of our food system. His commitment to the pesticide industry presents a clear conflict of interest.

The Senate can reject Hutchins’ nomination and help protect this essential institution from the influence of corporate greed — but we need your help to convince it to act!


This is only part of the message since I struggled to post all of it without big gaps. But you click on the “Tell your Senators” link above, you can read more and add your name.

Thanx, ellensue
P.S. It will bleed onto right hand margin.supporter