On my way TODAY (SATURDAY) to my table at the Narberth Earth Day Fair. Here is a list I compiled to show anyone who comes to my table. I plan to donate 10% of net proceeds to one or two of them.

Non-Profit Organizations Helping to Keep our Planet
Healthy & Safe for People & Animals

ALASKA WILDERNESS LEAGUE– alaskawild.org- Saving Alaska’s wild areas

AMERICAN FORESTS– www.americanforests.org  -Reforestation and forests restoration projects to promote clean air and water, expand wildlife habitats, and help combat global warning.

BREAST CANCER ACTION–  www.bcaction.org- Challenging corporations with products that hurt the environment and trigger cancer issues.

EARTH JUSTICE- www.earthjustice.org – free legal representation to groups who want to preserve and defend wildlife & wild places, defend rights to a healthy environment, combat climate change, and advance clean energy.

ENVIRONMENT AMERICA – environmentamerica.orgCampaigning for clean air, clean water, and open space.

ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP – ewg.org –  Empowering people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action.

FRIENDS OF THE EARTH – www.foe.org – Friends of the Earth fights to protect our environment and create a healthy and just world.

GREENPEACE –greenpeace.org- Takes bold actions to protect the land and the seas of the USA.

NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL –nrdc.org- lobby policymakers and motivate Americans to take action to protect our environment

THE NATURE CONSERVANCY – www.nature.orgProtecting Nature. Preserving Life.

SEACOLOGY– seacology.org – Protects Island Habitats and cultures with interesting projects

SIERRA CLUB – sierraclub.org – long-standing grassroots environmental organization protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act.

UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS– ucsusa.org – Working to build a safer, more sustainable world.

UNITED FARM WORKERS– www.ufw.org – Helping farm workers live safer, healthier, better lives with decent and humane working conditions in US fields.

WATERKEEPERS ALLIANCE – waterkeeper.org – Main goal is to keep our water safe and clean and asking us to stand up for clean water.


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