P.I.C. (Product Information Corner) for Conscious Consuming

Buying organic produce without plastic packaging makes me feel good! I know that I am using less plastic and buying food that hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals that could hurt me and the environment.

Likewise, I am beginning to buy organic clothing and people are giving me gifts that reflect my choice to wear organic items. Below are two pairs of sox, one purchased and one a gift from a marine biologist, whose profile I will feature soon. Label info below the photo:



I love the fact that the sox are made with 75% organic materials and are fair traded (www.info.fairtrade.net). They are also soft, thick and comfy!

And the company to investigate is:

The sox are available online or at the stores of Ten Thousand Villages.
Website: http://www.tenthousandvillages.com).

Be a smart shopper! Vote for a cleaner environment and better clothes for your body by making conscious purchases. Mother Nature and your body will love you for it!


Here is a photo of how the sox are packaged with all the info on the other side of the cardboard label.

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