Bee Smart:Our best bet to stop this pesticide

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Subject: Our best bet to stop this pesticide


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The toxic pesticide sulfoxaflor is a known bee-killer, but instead of banning it, Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) actually reapproved the poison! Center for Food Safety immediately sued to demand the agency take it off the shelves and our legal team has been hard at work on this case for 2 years. We’re finally nearing the finish line, but we need your support to win.

Our lawsuit already forced EPA to admit that it unlawfully failed to consider the impacts of sulfoxaflor on federally-protected endangered species like the rusty patched bumble bee. But EPA asked the court to keep sulfoxaflor on the market anyway(!) — and we’re fighting back.


The court just ordered an additional briefing and will soon decide if it should revoke this toxic pesticide’s approval. This case is our best chance at stopping another bee-killing pesticide from being sprayed over millions of acres of crops, pushing bee populations further towards the brink of extinction.

Please go to the link at the top of the page for more info and to make a donation.

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Bee Petition from the Environmental Working Group

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We’ve got great news to share:
Walmart just became the latest retailer to take action against bee-killing pesticides known as neonics!Now: We need 50,000 signatures to keep the pressure on Big Ag and get pesticides out of grocery stores across the country. Will you sign our petition calling on more retailers to take action?

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Bees are responsible for pollinating one-third of our food supply, but global bee populations are in rapid decline. Scientists are pointing to a dangerous group of pesticides known as neonics as a potential cause, and new research suggests the damage doesn’t end there.

A recent study from the CDC found neonics in 50% of children in the U.S. ages 3 to 5 years old. Evidence also suggests that these chemicals may harm kids’ developing nervous systems and brains.

That’s a risk we simply cannot afford to take. We’ve set a goal of reaching 50,000 signatures on our petition urging retailers to stand up to Big Ag and keep neonics out of our grocery aisles. Can we count on you to add your name immediately?

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Walmart is the biggest retailer yet to stand up to Big Ag by taking action against neonics, but the truth is, pesticide companies will do anything to protect their profits. Our movement could lose serious momentum if we give polluters even a second to retaliate.

We need 50,000 signatures before we run out of time to keep the pressure on. If you agree that more retailers must keep toxic, bee-killing pesticides out of our produce aisles, use this link to sign our petition:

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