Revolutionary Love: A Political Manifesto to Heal and Transform the World  by Michael Lerner

(I have also listed this under Earth Day Every Day because the manifesto includes healing the planet. es.)

This book is an amazing proposal/philosophy/declaration by author Michael Lerner for repairing the world at all levels: environmentally, socially, politically, and spiritually.

The book is divided into two parts: Part I is entitled, “Transcending the Crippling Dynamics of Oppression” and Part II is called, “Strategies for Building the Caring Society.” Both contain eye-opening connections between people and the planet and the future of life on Planet Earth, the only home we know that needs repair desperately.This i

In the Introduction, Michael Lerner defines Revolutionary Love:

“Revolutionary love seeks to reunite all sections of the population into a democratic force capable of healing and repairing the world (the Hebrew concept of tikkun olam) and saving it from environmental disaster.” (p. 24)

This is a massive undertaking because as the author notes next, we need to overcome “the fear, the pain, and the traumas that often cripple our abilities to see clearly what is happening in our world and what we could do to change things.”

The book is basically a blueprint to do just what Lerner describes in the Introduction and throughout the book, giving us several scenarios to ponder and ideas that we can embrace, if we have the courage and the commitment to do so.

Revolutionary Love is more than 400 pages and  packed with so much information that you need to read it slowly in order to absorb the author’s enthusiasm, his commitment to the manifesto, and the ideas he puts forth. On the next page of the Introduction Lerner reminds us that, “Unless we simultaneously transform our economic and political arrangements to overcome class-stratified society, patriarchy, and racism, our compassion, empathy, and generosity will not stop the destruction of the Earth.” (p. 25)

And his book attempts (and succeeds) to inspire the reader to take the steps needed to transform our way of life and our thoughts to accomplish all that he suggests. This is no simple task and requires commitment from all of us, at whatever level we can manage.

His passion and pleas for loving kindness and caring permeate the book and are at the core of his manifesto, which could also be called a blueprint for survival.

The chapters in each section are compelling. Here are two titles, one from Part I and one from Part II: Toxic Self-Blaming and Powerlessness and Major Institutional Changes for Building a Love and Justice Movement. Each chapter builds on the previous one, so when you reach the end of the book, I think you will conclude, as I did, Yes! This is possible.  And necessary, starting with a new bottom line that maximizes our ability as human beings to be “loving, generous and caring”

I urge to read this book in order to start your own revolution love packet and do what you can to make this manifesto a reality. The book is published by University of California Press and is available as hardcover and paperback. Get out your highlighter and start learning about Revolutionary Love, step by step! Rabbi Lerner can also be contacted at:







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