Dragon Fruit: An Eating Adventure! (New info after posting)

For a few years now I have eyed this unusual-looking fruit in Mom’s Organic and at Whole Foods, but at $4-$5.00 a pop, I hesitated to try one. But curiosity won and I did purchase
one to try and loved it so much, I bought another one. So much for my frugal food budget!

Then I Googled Dragon Fruit (nickname for Pitahaya) and found 10 benefits and did not feel so guilty. One of the sites had an article by Sarika from this site: https://facty.com/food/nutrition/10-health-benefits-of-dragon-fruit/10/. 

The benefits include anti-aging properties, help with diabetes and arthritis, good fiber and antioxidants to fight free radicals, and good for the heart.

Here is a photo of yellow dragon fruit uncut and cut, with the white pulp dotted with possibly black seeds. The red dragon fruit has the same flesh on the inside, as shown in this Internet photo with part of the fruit cut to expose the inside.

NEW, CORRECTED INFO: My daughter told me that red dragon fruit is actually RED inside, not white as the photo above depicts. My error! Will have to get a red one to see if the taste is different. Also saw a sign @ Whole Foods that called it Red Mango as well as dragon fruit.

The fleshy insides taste like a combination of ripe pear and grapes, and when ripe, can easily be scooped out, which I did when I made a dragon fruit salad inside the scooped out fruit. Makes the organic dragon fruit go further and also very colorful and nutritious when combined with organic berries.

I think this dish is sweet enough to pass as a dessert!

Be adventurous and try some dragon fruit today!

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