The Red Bud Tree by Mary Lou Meyers

While April was National Poetry Month, I never tire of posting poetry on my website. Here is one for enjoying the trees blooming in spring. Thanx again to Mary Lou for the poem and her daughter for the photo. A lovely message for the end of a difficult month!
The Red Bud Tree
It stands next to a Man-Made cabin,
bartering for space
so the instruments of Life that govern its growth
are not deterred and turned
into a chase for light,
but  all-consuming blooms.
It opens up a world closed down for me
but gathered up by rain water,
pumping through vibrant springs of relief.
The creek beyond showering blessings
when we build up the Man-Made dam,
with a pipe lightening our loads,
entering the dead pond, now living again
creating a magic spell here and beyond;
awareness drawn with
splashes of color everywhere with the return
of water ducks and mallards;
the fish can breathe again with ease.
Nature and Humankind existing in harmony.
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