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D-Day: The Invasion of Normandy Beach/CrazyDayze Poem

Saturday, June 6th, 2020

For the past 10 days I have been mulling over the whole “megillah” of these past few months and especially this last week. (The whole megillah means the entirety of something, especially something that is an entanglement of intricate arrangements or a long, complicated story. The whole megillah is an American idiom taken from Yiddish. Source: Grammarly). COVID, the death of George Floyd, the demonstrations and looting, my grandson’s proximity to the looting, and then the tornado-like storm. Just too much, so I had a minor meltdown and finally put it on paper.

It seems coincidental that my writing came at 2 a.m. this morning, as I prepared to write something about D-Day and ended up with Crazy Dayze. I am mourning the death of all the soldiers who died on that day, because they died to keep evil from succeeding , and so long as we still have hate and bigotry and ignore the heating of Mother Earth, what was the point?


Crazy Dayze by ellensue

June 6, 2020


I feel the pain from Mother Earth.

Will she survive? What’s her life worth?

I can hear her loudly crying!

All the birds and bees are dying…

The world is caught in a viral scourge.

Why haven’t we felt the sudden urge

to scream & yell & stamp our feet?

There’s a connection to the rising heat.

We’re brought down on bended knee;

one man’s death caused needlessly.

A life snuffed out from another’s hate.

We’ve lost our souls. Is it too late…

to heal the wounds of planet Earth —

land & sea, what’s our life worth,

without compassion for ev’ry soul;

what do we need to make us whole?

My head’s spinning from all the signs:

A path of destruction from our designs.

Let’s be clear about this distinction:

The Death of Death means our extinction!

We need to see all life is precious,

And rage & hate can be infectious.

Each of us must look inside

to harness bigotry and false pride.

Please listen to our Mother’s cry  —

pay attention; you’ll hear her sigh.

Earth’s her home, her sacred place.

We’re here together: the human race.

Forget our differences; they won’t matter.

House on fire!* Our ashes will scatter.

And then our lives will cease to be.

Is that in store for you and me?

Wake up! Don’t fall asleep!

We’ve got promises to keep:

eliminate pollution & pesticides.

We’re killing the land where she resides.

Is it too late? I’m not so sure.

But doing nothing I cannot endure.

Follow the ways of love and healing;

address the pain we all are feeling.

I cannot sleep to dream of peace.

Words are just a brief release.

But if one person heeds this rhyme,

then healing starts — is there time?

Suggested Readings:+

*Our House is on Fire: Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis, by Greta Thunberg and her family. Penguin Books, 2017.

Companion Books: Green Living Handbook (2008) & Low Carbon Diet (2006) by David Gershon. Empowerment Institute.

+ I will be reviewing all three in a future posting.

Plastic Pollution Petition from Friends of the Earth

Saturday, November 24th, 2018

I remember well the movie The Graduate, when one of the characters tells Dustin Hoffman to go into plastics. Now, of course, plastic is polluting the planet big time. Below is a petition sent to me by my friend Honey and I want it to post while I am in California for Thanksgiving. I already signed it. Thanx! ellensue

P.S. The posting may obliterate the right-hand margin.

Sign your name: Tell Albertsons to eliminate single-use plastics in its stores!

Disposable plastics, such as shopping bags, are suffocating our oceans, wildlife, and environment. More than 8 million tons of plastic enter the world’s oceans each year. And the impacts are felt for decades — recently a 47-year-old plastic bottle was found on a beach in England.

The only way to solve this crisis is to cut down on the use of plastics — starting with supermarkets, whose single-use plastic bags are extremely destructive. Pressure from environmentalists worldwide has driven Kroger — the nation’s second-largest food retailer — to commit to phase out plastic bags. But other supermarkets are still dragging their feet.

So we’re joining a broad coalition of environmental groups to demand Albertsons — owner of Safeway, Shaws, and ACME — follow suit. But we need your help to push it to act.

Sign your name to tell Albertsons to remove single-use plastics from its stores!

Plastic pollution is hurting our economy, climate and environment. It’s had catastrophic impacts on wildlife like sea turtles. It’s polluting coastal communities around the world. And much of the plastic in the United States is produced using natural gas — providing further incentive for continued drilling and fracking.

Businesses, local governments, and entire nations have taken actions to ban, limit, or place fees on single-use plastics. But the impacts of plastic pollution are growing every day. We need to act fast to move away from plastics — and Albertson’s could play a huge role in that fight.

If Albertson’s phases out single-use plastic bags, combined with Kroger’s commitment, it could lead to the elimination of another 3 million plastic bags a year from U.S. stores.

It’s critical that we work to reduce our dependence on disposable, single-use plastic — but recycling simply won’t get the job done. So we need active Friends of the Earth Action members like you to join our coalition to demand Albertsons phase out all single-use plastics from their stores across the nation.

Sign your name: Tell Albertsons that all single-use plastics must go!

The evidence is clear: If we’re going to reverse the damage done by our current overuse of plastics, we need to start at the source — large corporations.

Corporate interests like Coke, Pepsi, and Nestle have effectively shirked their responsibility to end the destructive reign of plastics by drowning consumers in plastics. They’ve reaped the rewards of lower costs while taking no responsibility for polluting our oceans and destroying the environment. We know corporate accountability is possible, but we must push them to act.

Big corporations like Albertsons must actively commit to phase out single-use plastics. It’s time for all of us to work together and demand a shift away from “disposable” materials. Can we count on your support?

Help end the age of plastic pollution: Sign your name to tell Albertsons to phase out all single-use plastic bags!

Standing with you,
Marcie Keever,
Oceans & vessels program director,
Friends of the Earth Action

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