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June 2021: Petition from Environment America to Whole Foods about Plastic Pollution

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

If you go to, you will see this photo of Whole Foods on their website:

59,000 supporters, 40 lawmakers tell Whole Foods to put ‘planet over plastic’

Tell Whole Foods: It’s time to do better on plastic packaging.


Click on the second line with the statistics (59,000…..) or to go to  Environment America’s website  to read about Whole Foods adding to plastic pollution. Click on bold blue link under the photo to sign.  Thanx! ellensue


P.S. I shop mostly at Mom’s Organic because most of their produce is loose and not in plastic bags or containers. Farmers Markets also carry loose produce. Bring your own bags. Mom’s also has compostible plastic bags that I reuse for my own compost. es

Environment America Petition on Plastics Pollution

Sunday, November 15th, 2020

Dear Readers: I hope you will sign this petition and become a member of my “Green Team.”

If you do sign the petition, please email me at:, or leave a comment. Thanx!

P.S. The petition will bleed into the right hand margin.

Whole Foods is falling behind on tackling plastic pollution. We should expect more from a supermarket known for its environmentally-conscious vision. Make your voice heard by urging Whole Foods to eliminate all single-use plastic packaging.



According to a recent report by As You Sow, Whole Foods got an F on tackling plastic packaging.1

Plastic waste is flooding our environment. To save whales, sea turtles and other marine animals from horrible deaths by plastic, we don’t have any time to waste. The simplest solution is to reduce our use of harmful plastics — and Whole Foods can help by eliminating single-use plastic packaging from their stores.

We should expect more from a supermarket known for its environmentally-conscious vision. Now, we’re calling on Whole Foods to do better.

Sign our petition: Tell Whole Foods Market to eliminate single-use plastic packaging from their operations.

Plastic packaging is a big problem. In 2019, the Ocean Conservancy found that food wrappers were the number one item picked up on beaches world-wide.2 Billions of plastic items that are used only once are entering our landfills and waterways, where they end up injuring and killing marine animals like sea turtles. To make matters worse, consumers often don’t have the choice to avoid this dangerous packaging during their trips to the grocery store.

In 2008, Whole Foods Market became a leader as the first national supermarket to eliminate single-use plastic bags at checkout.3 But in the As You Sow report, they lagged behind other companies like Walmart, Target and Kroger on reusable packaging policies and practices.4

Join us in telling Whole Foods to put the planet over plastic by signing our petition.

Whole Foods can still be a leader on this issue. No other major supermarket chain has committed to eliminating all single-use plastic packaging. By committing to concrete steps to reduce single-use plastic packaging, Whole Foods can get that much closer to eliminating unnecessary plastic packaging.

Make your voice heard: Tell Whole Foods to put wildlife over waste.

Whole Foods needs to hear from people like you that our oceans and wildlife can’t wait. The store needs to take action now to eliminate single-use plastic packaging. With your help, we can ensure that Whole Foods does its part to protect our planet by putting wildlife over waste.

Thank you,

The team at Environment America Research & Policy Center

1. “Whole Foods, UNFI earn F’s in plastic pollution report,” Sustainable Foods News, June 17, 2020.
2. Laura Parker, “Plastic food packaging now outpaces cigarette butts as most abundant beach trash,” National Geographic, September 8, 2020
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4. “Whole Foods, UNFI earn F’s in plastic pollution report,” Sustainable Foods News, June 17, 2020.

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