June 2021: Petition from Environment America to Whole Foods about Plastic Pollution

If you go to www.environmentamerica.com, you will see this photo of Whole Foods on their website:

59,000 supporters, 40 lawmakers tell Whole Foods to put ‘planet over plastic’

Tell Whole Foods: It’s time to do better on plastic packaging.


Click on the second line with the statistics (59,000…..) or to go to  Environment America’s website  to read about Whole Foods adding to plastic pollution. Click on bold blue link under the photo to sign.  Thanx! ellensue


P.S. I shop mostly at Mom’s Organic because most of their produce is loose and not in plastic bags or containers. Farmers Markets also carry loose produce. Bring your own bags. Mom’s also has compostible plastic bags that I reuse for my own compost. es

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