At my D.O.’s office last week I picked a new magazine from the magazine rack I had not seen before. It is called EXPERIENCE L!FE and the April 2019 is all about Earth Day, so I thought it would be perfect for a review.

Upon further investigation, I found this informational description (excerpted) on their website: https://experience-life.com-sub.biz:

Experience Life magazine is dedicated to helping its readers live and sustain healthy lives. The magazine provides articles about fitness, nutrition, quality of life, and general health and wellness.

EXPERIENCE L!FE features stories written by people who have competed in marathons and triathlons about their fitness and training routines. Also featured in the magazine are recipes and guides to help readers come up with healthy dishes to serve at home…..

Readers of EXPERIENCE L!FE are treated to articles about quality of life and general health issues…..Also featured in the magazine are recipes and guides to help readers come up with healthy dishes to serve at home.

Of course, the healthy dishes caught my eye, and inside the April issue is this paragraph in the section called “Confident Cook:”

Our Nutrition Philosophy

“We believe in focusing on eating high quality, whole foods—an array of vegetables, fruits, legumes, meats, fish, eggs, whole kernel grains, and healthy fats and oils—for meeting everyday nutritional needs. We recommend choosing organic, local, and unprocessed foods as often as you can, aiming for grass fed or grass-finished meats, free range poultry, and wild-caught or sustainable farmed fish; and opting for full-fat dairy (with more bio-available nutrients). We advocate for quality over quantity and in trusting your body to guide your unique nutritional needs.”

While the recipes are not all vegetarian, in the April issue the magazine features “Plant Power” by Robin Asbell and the recipes are all meatless, with a terrific list of whole plant foods showing how to obtain protein from meatless items, from Tofu to Chia Seeds.

Additionally, there is an excellent article on Earth Day called “Take a Bite out of Climate Change,” listing what we can do as individuals to counter climate change. Here is the list, with the article itself delvng into the details of the suggestions:

1. East more plants                            6. Waste Less Food
2. Support small farms                      7. Increase your food budget
3. Shop Farmers’ Markets                 8. Buy in bulk
4. Avoid feedlot meat (grass fed)     9. Cook from scratch
5. Select sustainably Raised Fish     10. Seek Progress, Not perfection

I hope to address some of these points in future postings, incorporating them into my Earth Day Every Day category.

Another excellent article, Living Small by Jessie Sholl, writes about a family who scaled down their lifestyle to minimize waste and lists these suggestions, which are expanded upon in the article:

1. Refuse to bring unneccessary stuff home. (ex. business cards and take-home menus)
2. Reduce bad habits (ex. leaving lights on)
3. Reuse (ex. moth-eaten sweater becomes material for cat bed)
4. Recycle (ex. keep recycling bin next to garbage can)
5. Rot (compost your non-meat scraps)

This is just a “taste” of this excellent magazine with beautiful photos and interesting articles. Check it out yourself! Subscriptions for EXPERIENCE L!FE run about $25 per year.



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