November 2018: Mid-Fall

While October is my favorite month because of the changing colors, November still has plenty of “Falling” going on. Here are some fall photos to herald the new month.


I pass a house on a corner several times per week. The owners always have plants along the front (see below) and on the corner. Here is the corner photo. 

Since I will be going away the week before Thanksgiving, to celebrate with my older daughter in San Luis Obispo, CA and also seeing my son in Los Vegas and husband’s son and partner in LA, I will postdate a couple of articles, but probably not too many. Getting ready to go away makes me weary, even though I love to visit family.


I took this on Tuesday while on the road with my husband Alan. It stood on a corner and demanded I take its picture. The color was like flames


P.S. I came home and started to read online stories about the Pittsburgh synagogue killings followed by “The Forgotten,” a large story in this month’s Smithsonian Magazine. I decided after swimming to clear my mind to start typing and editing a Holocaust refugee story that I have been trying to get funded through grants, with no luck so far. In the next day or so, I will post a letter about this, but for now, I think taking pictures of Nature and the beauties of Mother Earth is helping cope with my feelings of anger, sadness, and loss.


Here is the front of the house from the first photo above.
The rows of mums and giant pumpkins are so colorful, they are almost a dangerous distraction to my driving!


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