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Philadelphia Flower Show: Early Signs of Spring

Sunday, March 24th, 2019



My husband and I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show at the Convention Center earlier this month. I was disappointed in the large displays by regional landscapers and garden centers because the flowers looked “posed,” that is, placed just so as in a movie set. So I did not take many photos of those displays.


However, the flowers and plants that were displayed for prizes were lovely. So here is a little taste of what spring will bring in the northeast. They may already be blooming in the south and west, but for me, the flower show is the first time I will see spring plants and flowers in bloom.  However, I did spot a crocus the other day, so spring is definitely on its way! (Here is proof of Spring with a photo the other day of crocuses—outside.)




I loved these flowers because of their color and unusual beauty!


There were several miniature rock gardens that I liked. Here is just one:


 I thought this plant was spectacular!


Perhaps the nicest addition was a large train track in the middle of the show with trains going around the oval, and the rest of the area dotted with plants and a miniature town. You can see by the number of people around the track that this was a popular highlight.

Sometimes I am disappointed in the displays at the flower show, but it is a spectacular event in that so much effort is put into creating it. The fact that I was disappointed does not mean this flower show was a bust, just not one of my favorites.

Philadelphia Flower Show: A Sneak Peek at Spring

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

I went to the Flower Show earlier this month and took some photos which I will share here in my new Photo Gallery category.  It was not the best Flower Show I have seen since moving here, but there were still some outstanding arrangements and individual flowers/plants that won prizes, some of which I have posted below.
And it will give you a sneak peek of Spring for the first day of Spring.

Flower arrangement at the entrance that looked like hats.

This was one of my favorite mixed flower arrangement.

Very simple yet dramatic arrangement.

(Left) Daffodils with colorful painted branches

( Right) A lovely single blossom




A table set for fancy company!


Lovely hanging baskets

Prizewinners all!








The Bonzai display is always one of my favorites.



These tiny cacti flowers were precious!







These really were hats made from flowers!



Happy Spring!