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Personal Thoughts on Penn State “Tragedy”

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

I lived in State College from 1993-2003, so these are just my personal thoughts as one who lived through football fever for 10 years. There were three important things about Penn State: football, football, football.

Nevertheless, I feel the emphasis on the people who may or may not have committed crimes of commission or omission is misplaced .I feel the emphasis needs to be on the young men who were molested or raped as young boys.

Recently, I read an article about how the Germans are increasing their reparations to victims of the Holocaust in the form of more pensions to more individuals who lost their homes, their families, their way of life. I think that’s a responsible action.

Why not take the penalty that has been exacted on PSU football and pay the victims for their years of suffering so that can get the help they need or whatever they need? Taking down the Paterno statue isn’t going to help. And besides, JoPA isn’t here to defend himself. The dead can’t talk!

As for the other people involved, I will wait for the verdict, just as I waited for the verdict against Jerry Sandusky. Weeping and wailing over the removal of the statue or protesting over other decisions that people do not like will not bring back the victims’ childhoods. Those who were at fault will get their day in court, but will the young men ever be “normal?” I doubt it, so I say let’s help those who need it most!