Heartfelt Poem from Mary Lou Meyers

Here is a beautiful poem by my classmate Mary Lou that seems perfect for this difficult time when I wish you not only Peace on Earth but a renewed spirit to help us weather the storm of COVID-19. ellensue
Stay By the Fireside Bright
Keep safe and low key,
a few family members and trustworthy friends,
know where they’ve been.
The words of Dr. Fouche, soon to be 80
on Christmas Eve.
He’s been weathering the storm of controversy
in his own way, staying the course,
facts and figures he displays to the public.
Steady as you go,
let Christmas Past last through the holiday,
outside the Rack and Ruin of those
who didn’t abide the strategy for staying alive.
200,000 to 300,000 cases each day
throughout the USA.
California, a basket case
running out of ICU beds.
Murder rates escalate

See how the moonlight shines on the snow,

we haven’t had a white scene for so long it seems;
outside a planetary show, Jupiter and Saturn
within a hair’s breath of each other.
Only a phone call away those
we love to share our special day.
Still closer than ever the challenge to remain safe,
our task at hand through the thick and thin of it,
Steady as you go
Watch with delight the local color unfold
when you fill your feeder:
the Cardinal in his bright robe as if St Nick were here
to give you the cheer of the season.  The Blue Jay
sizes them all up and seizes the moment
to snatch the biggest seed,
while the red-headed woodpecker indulges in the suet
like hasty pudding, you can almost see his stomach expand
as we do ours after turkey or ham and all the trimmings.
Watch the antics of the squirrel dip and dive into his cache,
don’t mind if he crosses your path, he’s free of the disease.
Shower Love upon those both near and a phone call away
lifting you to an understanding of Humankind’s Fate
is with you today to obey the stay-at-home,
and synchronize your clock, a new Day is about to come.
The stars of righteousness and light are with you tonight,
showing the way through the Pandemic,
and shining brightly on those who observe
the stay-at-home remembrances.


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