Earth Day Every Day: Organic Cotton

Many years ago, when our nuclear family was going to Israel to a kibbutz to learn Hebrew and perhaps remain, I started to purchase 100% cotton because I knew Israel was a hot place to live. We left the US in August, one of the hottest months here and there, and when we arrived I felt as if my head was in an oven! Cotton clothing was definitely necessary.

Then, after I moved here I started to shop at a local health food store and came across a piece of information that was new to me, which was that cotton was heavily sprayed with pesticides, so I started looking for affordable cotton clothing.

One of the sites I now frequent is PACT Organic, and the quote (below the photo) is from their website, In addition, PACT’s philosophy, which I took from the cardboard that held my (free) knee sox says: “PACT is obsessed with a big idea: Clothes that make the world a better place. Up to 10% of the purchase goes to a non-profit partner that makes a positive impact. ”
You can go to their site for more information.

Quote from PACT:  Conventional cotton is the world’s dirtiest crop.

Conventional cotton uses about 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of pesticides. In addition, the World Bank estimates that around 20% of industrial water pollution in the world comes from the treatment and dyeing of textiles. Not to mention the issues around forced labor, child labor, and factory collapses… it’s a dirty business (and we’re on a mission to change it).

(I shop at Mom’s Organic and they carry some of this company’s clothing.)

I also found a place in California that makes bamboo clothing called that manufactures clothing and bedding from bamboo. On their website they claim: “Since 2007, the brand has grown to become the only multi-store retailer in the world to provide an entire store experience that’s completely merchandised with products made from eco-friendly viscose from bamboo.”  I purchased two t-shirts at one of their shops in Boulder, CO when we visited friends in Denver.

I also found cotton t-shirts at H & M in King of Prussia Mall. I never expected to find organic there, so it was a pleasant surprise as were the prices. I now ask wherever I go if they carry organic. I have even found organic cotton fabric at a local fabric store as well as one when I visit my sister-in-law in Barrington, RI.

The clothes(and fabric)  from all these places are not out of sight financially, and in fact, a few items were less expensive than the 100% cotton I have been wearing. And sooo soft!

So consider making a difference in the world by shopping not only for organic foods but also for organic clothing. By wearing organic threads you will be celebrating Earth Day, Every Day when you wear these items. My personal goal is eventually to change over my wardrobe to 80% organic, over time, as I recycle items I no longer wear to a local thrift shop and replace them with organic cotton or bamboo.

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