My Essay in Women’s Voices for Change

th-3The nursing home in Rhode Is. has a similar entrance with an overhang where residents could sit and not be in the sun or the rain.


Last week I was in Rhode Island to visit my brother Paul in a nursing home and to stay with his wife Carol, my sister-in-law and friend since junior high.  I was happy to see my brother and Carol, but not so happy with his daily routine. My sister-in-law helped me with the information about my brother in the essay.


We’d all like to think a nursing home has good food, but my brother expressed his dislike for the menu.

To read my essay today, please go to: and the essay should be the second one down, right under the movie review of Bridget Jones’ Baby. If you go to the site after today, you may have to put the title in the Search box.

Late posting: My daughter-in-law Maura sent me the URL, direct link:


My essay is entitled: Old Issues: Aging Alone. Since WVFC tracks their comments, please feel free to make a comment on their website rather than here.


While I think the modern nursing homes do not abuse their patients, the residents spend a great deal of time alone because of short staffing, so to me, neglect is abusive.

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