Tues., Feb. 22nd, 2011-DAILY MENU

NOTE: Today I took a “preventive sick day,” that is, I did not sign up for substituting or go into the MANNA kitchen to volunteer. I felt a cold or flu coming on yesterday, went to my D.O., doctored myself with natural remedies (Vitamin C, aloe arborescence to boost my immune system, homeopathic oscillococcinum and lots of liquids and citrus fruit.

So, instead of posting my daily menu meals by time of day, I will list what I have been ingesting over the course of the day, broken down into a.m. & p.m:

Morning: Lemon juice & warm water, an orange and tea and an apple.
Late Morning: Roasted butternut sqaush soup I made on Sunday (I baked the squash, let it cool, peeled it & removed the seeds and pureed chunks in the blender with soup stock, flavored it with 5-spice powder and had soup.) I had a bowl followed by a piece of my GF toast, dry.
Read in bed most of the morning in between resting and making a couple of phone calls.

Afternoon: More water, my Green Smoothie and grapefruit.

By late afternoon, my appetite returned and I made quesadillas with corn tortillas & veggie shreds. (too many ingredients which means too processed, so ironically, I need to find a substitute. for the cheese substitute.)
I also made Brussels sprouts topped with some of my baked squash soup, which is thick enough to double as a sauce. Also had a carrot stick because not up to making a salad.
For dessert (later) I made a tahini ball with tahini (sesame paste) honey and protein powder. Tasted one & it was good. Had the other two: small, not too sweet & not too many!

Thurs, Feb. 10th, 2011-DAILY MENU

Dairy Free – DF
Gluten Free – GF
Dandy Blend- Dandy (coffee sub.)
Macadamia Nut Oil- Mac Oil
No Salt Added- NSA
(Organic) Olive Oil – OO
Protein Powder – PP
Salt & Pepper – S & P
Sugar Free – SF
To Be Announced – TBA
Last night’s snack: 3 small pumpkin seeds squares from Mrs. May’s Naturals
6 am-
Two or three small pieces of pineapple
6:30 a.m. –
Creamy buckwheat cereal (hot) with Almond Drink & Stevia sweetener
Going to volunteer @ Manna Kitchen soI took a small applesauce and Protein Smoothie
8 a.m. – 1/2 cup cocoa from Manna’s free beverage machine
9 a.m. ate my 4 oz. of unsweetened applesauce
11 a.m. Went to Trader Joe’s (near MANNA) and purchased Fage Greek yogurt (plain, fat free). Ate one with cinnamon when I got home, then took a nap because I went to bed late & got up early to volunteer, which always makes me happy, but tired because we are on our feet on a concrete floor.
1 p.m.– Smoked white fish (experimenting with fish),tomato, sprouts, and one slice of  GF toast with Flax Oil and Dandy blend beverage.
4 p.m. Organic apple
6:30 p.m.– Salad, green beans, tempeh (grilled) & black rice

Snack to be posted tomorrow

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