Mary Lou Meyers’ Mother’s Day Poem- Photo Added

Mary Lou is my unofficial poet-in-resident and sent this poem
about her mom just in time for Mom’s Day!
5/12/19 – Just added her mom’s photo in the middle of the poem.
Old Hand, Old Heart
My Mother was an old Hand at everything,
anything she put her Hand to, she put her heart in:
diapering children, tutoring if need be,
suspending immaculate sheets sky-born
like the fulfillment of a dream always for us;
cooking, baking, cleaning, even refinishing furniture.
“A stitch in time saves nine” knitting our way out into the cold air
with scores of socks and sweaters to hold us tightly together.
She furnished guidelines for our forever Lives.
She trapped us in her enraptured scripture.
A Hausfrau who gathered up the bounty of everyday
to provide for our bonafide lives, who willingly sacrificed.
How I savored every morsel of it,
every syllable of bird song prolonged by arias in the garden,
while it seemed she survived on the leavings.
Seduced by her stories that never lapsed
for she always had a moral attached.
I’ve made them mine and relaxed into my own quaint kind
of her native wit quatch in my poetry,
but such chatter still matters to me,
as I take apart each day making a fresh start
with my everyday forays from the heart.
Why she wasted such high hopes on us,
accelerated student, Thespian, who traveled all over Europe
promoting peace to come to America,
and dig deeply into her Hope chest of dreams for us.
Never rest on your laurels, and she never did!
I braid her thoughts as she braided my hair
not filled with threats or despair but with promise!
You left your brilliant mind for me to divine,
your values and thoughts for me to define,
I’ve already bought into, sometimes at great cost to you,
and now to me but you never backed off.
A Life programmed without a computer or instagram,
every moment counted for,
never sinking into the pit of hopeless or helplessness.
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