Early Autumn

As Yom Kippor arrived, so did the first real signs of Autumn, the leaves at the tops of the trees turning color. Here’s my rhyme and photo honoring this special time.

The tips of trees just turned to gold.

Neither Fall nor Spring do I dread,

but rather the naked trees so bold,

carpeting the ground in russet and red,

to face the Winter’s waning sun,

 each jewel-toned leaf, dropping, one-by-one.

The deep green leaves lose chlorophyll.

Just Nature’s way for trees to rest,

not on purpose for lack of will,

but enduring the cold, passing Winter’s test,

to leaf once more in early Spring

as flocks of birds return on wing.

Mother Nature parades her glory,

while my “leaf grief” rises as leaves are falling.

And that’s my early Autumn story!






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