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September 2020: Coping & Hoping in the Time of COVID: A Shift in My Postings

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

I am making a shift in MENUPAUSE to a more environmental focus on climate change, global warning (not just warming) and the importance of listening to Mother Nature’s cry of help because we are killing the planet. My vegetarian recipes are part of this, since eating lower on the food chain is one great way to lower our carbon footprint. I hope you will continue to read my postings and join as part of my green team (see below). Finally, I believe that the health of the planet (macrocosum) and the health of our individual bodies bodies (microcosum) are all part of the greater good for global survival.

By ellen sue

Day after day during COVID, my routine rarely alters:

Keep calm, healthy & alert; my resolve never falters.

Making the bed, doing laundry, my thoughts ever roam.

Is this new way of living good for our global home?


Wearing a mask, shopping at dawn, not eating out—

Is this the new norm everyone is thinking about?

The flu in 1918 has a similar resemblance: quite eerie.

Will we ever again feel safe, in practice and in theory?


Day after day, I think a lot about what this new life is worth?

Is COVID telling us to clean up our shared home: Mother Earth?

Are the severe storms, floods, & greenhouse gases a global warning

to scale down our lives, take stock of our actions, every morning?


If so, then we need to do all in our power every, single day

to clean up our ailing planet, everyone in his or her own way.

Reuse/Reduce/Recycle is a triple, important conviction

to save us all from dying: the human race’s extinction!


Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is coming to deadly fruition.

We don’t need a crystal ball; just use your natural intuition.

If we take from the planet more than we give,

soon everything will die and no one will live.


I have become an environmental activist now,

Creating a green team to see what and how

we can do to save the planet & also all* our lives.

I see no other choice to a path that says: “SURVIVE.”


I feel a small revolution stirring in my soul

and my green team project is now a major goal.

so join me if you wish to be part of this quiet revolution.

REUSE/REDUCE/RECYCLE and reach a safe solution.


*whatever your color, creed, political persuasion, or financial & social status

For more info on the Green Team, email me at:


Marvelous May 2018: Mother Nature & Human Nature

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

My two favorite months are October with the flaming foliage of autumn and this month, May, with all the flowers and trees blooming. Because I was so focused on Earth Day Every Day in April and also National Poetry Month, I did not realize that May was already here.


Here is a Maypole surrounded by flowers. Perfect for my May Home Page!

For a brief history of the Maypole dance, go to:

I do have some ideas for what I am posting this month: 1) reviewing a book for Mothers’ Day
called Mothers Unite! by Prof. Jocelyn Crowley, 2) some spring recipes, 3)  information on mental health for National Mental Health Month, and 4) a profile of a single mom I met at the local indoor pool.  For now, though, since I am still processing these ideas,  I am posting some spring photos for my May Home Page (and Photo Gallery).

When I went for a walk in my neighborhood last week, I took photos of trees and flowers….and flamingoes!  Some of the flowers are planted in and around our condo by the company that does the landscaping. I call this Human Nature. Many of the trees in the photos have been here for decades and may have been part of the landscape before we chopped down some of the trees to make way for dwellings or businesses. (I call this Mother Nature, but of course, all the lovely plants are the original works of  Mother Nature.)


This tree has become lopsided because the telephone wires of Human Nature have forced Mother Nature to make compromises to the symmetry of her trees.


These flowers were planted by a gardener in neat, even rows.


This lovely magnolia tree is already losing its blossoms, but it is still a pretty
Human Nature tree in front of a house nearby.


These little lovelies (violets?) look wild, so maybe they are the work of Mother Nature.


This flowering cherry tree is in a neighbor’s yard, so I think it is
Human Nature’s handiwork.


This is the first azalea bush I have seen this spring. It is in someone’s yard,
and by its size,
 may have been planted several years ago by the owner.


These pastel hyacinths all lined up are one of Human Nature’s need for order!


I believe these daffodils are not in a garden, but planted to make the back area of the house less bare; yet they look like a work of Mother Nature in their “natural” surroundings.


These lawn ornaments are definitely out of sync with our winter climate from Mother Nature, but for some reason the home owner must like flamingoes!


Finally, one of the trees in our condo backyard fell over during a very bad winter storm with lots of wind. Yet, Mother Nature persists and the tree is blooming while the roots are exposed. Hopefully, the landscapers will set her upright and maybe it will come back to its full glory. Here are different views of this lovely tree that I hope can be saved by Mother Nature and Human Nature.



This is a photo of the top of the tree on its side where the blossoms are beginning to bloom.


Enjoy the lovely flowers and trees of Spring, whether in natural surroundings or planted by people who love Mother Nature’s gifts.