Don’t Make Letter Writing a Lost Art (Related to National Cancer Awareness Month)

In going through some past issues of my Well Being Journals I found an article that caught my eye. The title is “Letters of Encouragement” and the article lists two websites that involve letters of encouragement and appreciation. The one I want to focus on for today is a letter of encouragement to a woman with breast cancer. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the deadline for this letter is Oct. 31st, I apologize for the lateness, since I just spotted the article a couple of days ago.

The name of the person in the article is Cynthia and the request comes from her cousin, who Cynthia used to babysit. She tells us that Cynthia is a nurse fighting breast cancer. She also notes writes that Cynthawee, the name her cousin called her when she was a little girl, never forgets  a birthday and always encourages others. Cynthia is now unable to work and spends her days caring for herself. As someone who has always been strong for herself, her cousin writes that it would be wonderful to reverse that role and let her be on the receiving end of good wishes.

If you would like to do that, please check out the story on the website (below) to send your letter or greeting card (I actually answered three of the letters, and because the deadline in October 31st, I sent greeting cards with a short note. The letter to Cynthia has the following address. I believe Ingrid is the cousin who made the request.)

Cynthia’s Bundle
c/o Ingrid W.
75 W. Walnut Street
Unit #346
Pasadena, CA 91103

MY NOTE: Since I am posting this only a few days before the October 31st deadline, you may not be able to send a letter or card in time, but if you are interested in doing this “mitzvah” (good deed) in the future, then here are the website and snail mail addresses, where you can see the stories from loved ones asking you to write a letter:


More Love Letters, 186 Carroll St., Suite C, Atalanta, GA 30312



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