True Food Kitchen: A Restaurant Review

My husband and I recently had dinner with our friends from North Jersey. They took us to a restaurant called the True Food Kitchen and we ate outside. On the table was some literature that said the founder was Dr. Andrew Weil, a name I knew from when I co-owned a health food store As the literature notes, Dr. Weil has “dedicated his life to advancing a philosophy of health that considers the mind, body and spirit as a whole.” The menu is extensive and I asked for a special dish of steamed veggies (without oil) and the rice/quinoa side dish with olive oil on the side. To my surprise, the manager, Christina, was able to accommodate me. (A chain restaurant does not usually have that ability. The menu is usually unbendable.)


Below is a photo of Dr. Andrew Weil on the cover of one of his health books. He owns True Food Kitchens.

I Googled Dr. Weil and found a website that explains how he became interested in creating a restaurant with restaurateur Sam Fox that reflected Weil’s philosophy. The first one opened in 2008 in Phoenix and now is in many states. (See below.)  I noticed the menu had no address and asked the manager if that was because it is the same in all the restaurants, and she said yes. So my special order really was special!

The literature from the table consists of 6 heavy stock pages in different colors that are clasped together in one corner. Each one has a different topic and message and starts with a focus sentence and a word at the bottom of the page as the title. The information on each card can be found with this link:

  • Eat more moodrients: We believe that good food has the power to positively impact how you feel.
  • Energy: Nutrient-dense foods have a powerful impact on performance by helping you avoid daytime fatigue and naturally boost energy.
  • Happiness: Eating anti-inflammatory foods is one of the best strategies for positively impacting our mood and brain chemistry.
  • Balance: The foods and herbs we choose to eat have a direct impact on long-term health and creating a life in balance.
  • The foods you eat can play a role in keeping your brain healthy, and can improve mental tasks such as focus and concentration.

The menu is quite extensive and includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes plus Gluten-Free foods, as well as cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks such as Watermelon Lemonade or Dragon Fruit Limeade. There are Starters, Salads & Bowls, Pizzas, Burgers & Sandwiches and Entrees. We were all impressed with the menu and the food.

We plan to go to the True Food Kitchen in King of Prussia, near where we live, and try some other dishes. Here is the link to the article I read:

Also, here is the link to their menu:

I also Googled to see where the restaurants are located and came up with these states (plus more coming):

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

If you live in any of these states, check the Internet to see if one is near you and then try it! Chain restaurants are often mundane. This one is not and reflects The Good Taste of Health, my motto.


Internet Photo of a True Food Restaurant

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