Bayer/Monsanto’s Roundup with Glyphosate: Info & Petition

Here’s a recent message/petition I received on Halloween. I signed it and you may also want to sign it. es

From: Center for Food Safety team <>
Subject: Tell Home Depot and Lowe’s That Roundup® is Too Scary to Sell!



Happy Halloween weekend! This Halloween, we’re celebrating the spookiest day of the year by taking on one of the scariest pesticides on the market.

The active ingredient in Bayer/Monsanto’s Roundup® — glyphosate — is a probable carcinogen. Over the last two years, several juries and courts have ordered Bayer-Monsanto to pay billions of dollars in damages to cancer victims who suffered from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma linked to glyphosate exposure. And there are over 100,000 similar court cases pending!

That’s why we’ve teamed up with like-minded groups to ask Home Depot and Lowe’s — two of the biggest home and garden stores in the country — to stop selling Roundup® in favor of less scary organic alternatives.


Tell Home Depot and Lowe’s: Roundup® is Too Scary to Sell!


Exposure to glyphosate pesticides is also associated with kidney disease, fatty liver disease, shortened pregnancy, decreased sperm function, endocrine disruption, and disruption of the gut microbiome. Roundup® is bad news for public health.


And Glyphosate doesn’t just harm people. It also wipes out milkweed, the only food source for Monarch caterpillars. This has contributed to Monarch butterfly populations declining by 90% in the past 20 years alone.. There were barely 2,000 Western Monarch butterflies spotted in California last year. They could easily vanish within our lifetimes.


Tell Home Depot and Lowe’s: Roundup® is Too Scary to Sell!


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