March Winds & Snow: Spring on the Way?

The last few days have seen heavy winds in our area, a prelude perhaps to “March Comes in like a Lion….?”
And then this morning, our car was covered with snow. So don’t put away your boots and mittens!


Here is a photo I took in Lancaster on a windy day and it is part of my “Laundry Lines from Lancaster County” chapter from my book: For the Love of Clotheslines, available on Amazon for $18.00.



The caption reads: High Line Between Bare Trees: Lancaster County, PA


I am hoping that this month will see the completion of Cherie Goren’s memoir, A Time to Keep, that my colleague Krista and I are helping her republish with the Go Fund Me! campaign. I hosted a poetry/short story event at the senior center and while there were only seven of us, I enjoyed hearing other people’s poems and short stories. I read an excerpt from Cherie’s book, because she could not come and borrowed a new poetry book I hope to review soon.


With spring only one month away, I am hoping we soon have balmier weather as we did in Florida when we were there in mid-February. We went to the Miami Zoo, which is more like a large tract of land with trees and no cages. The animals were in their own large areas with a moat around each area so that guests could not get to the animals and vice versa. Each animal area explained if the animal was endangered or not. Here I am feeding the giraffes. The one I fed had a huge black tongue that came out like a whip!



While in Florida, we stayed at a very small motel. The manager showed us where the laundry room was in the backyard area of the motel, and wouldn’t you know it, there was a clothesline!  How lucky can I get— feeding the giraffe and finding a clothesline in my “backyard.”


March (15th) is St. Patrick’s Day, where green is the predominant color, a great introduction to spring and having the trees leafing again and flowers come up to beautify Mother Earth. I hope to have a new recipe that emphasizes greens, greens, greens!



Couldn’t resist one more laundry photo taken on the same windy day as the one above, also in my book:


The caption reads: Sky Blue High Lines: Lancaster County, PA


P.S. March will be the 13th anniversary of my posting on Menupause!

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