MARCH 2011: Maybe Spring?

I  took this picture at last year’s Philadelphia’s Famous Flower Show. I hope to go again this year. This is just a “whiff” of Spring!

With the milder weather these last few days and rain instead of snow, I am hoping that Spring may be on its way, but don’t count on it! In the meantime, I will post on my website and blogs and try to ignore the weather.  What distracts me from the weather is that March has many celebratory  items on the calendar. Here are a few I found on

American Red Cross Month, Irish-American Heritage Month, National Craft Month, National Frozen Food Month, National Noodle Month, National Nutrition Month, Women’s History Month and Youth Art Month. It is also National Napping Day which I found on


I will probably pick my favorites to focus on, such as nutrition, napping, noodles and women’s history (Women’s International Day is March 8th) since they reflect what this website seems to reflect, but I can combine National Nutrition Month with Irish-American Heritage Month and make something healthful & green for St. Patrick’s Day, such as these micro-greens:

These are my homegrown micro-greens made from buckwheat seeds. Cut them & throw them in salad, sandwiches & green smoothies.

For Women’s International Day, which is on Tuesday, March 8th, I am planning a small international lunch here in my apartment and inviting some of my neighbors and a couple of family members. I had wanted to go to New York where there is an event on the Brooklyn Bridge, but decided to stay home and celebrate.  Again, I can combine holidays: National Noodle Month, National Nutrition Month & St. Pat’s Day and serve healthful dishes from different parts of the world. In the memoir, Lunch in Paris, which I reviewed a couple of days ago, I featured a French recipe that combines good nutrition, noodles, and green for St. Pat’s Day, so that is definitely on the menu. Here is the photo I used for the review:

Since I love to nap, I plan to review a terrific little book I found on the $1.00 sale table at my local library.  It is called Take a Nap! Change Your Life by Sara C. Mednick, Ph.D. It reaffirms my own belief that napping is not only good for you, but also necessary as many of us seem to be increasing the number of hours we work and multitask to exhaustion!

National Craft Month sparked my attention, because I have been making tote bags, wall hangings and now yoga bags for carrying yoga mats. If anyone is interested in a tote bag, you can email me at: They are custom made to your specifications as to color, size, shape and additional requests, such as initials, cell phone case, etc.  Here are a couple of photos to see what I do with crazy quilting:








(Left) Tote bag with glass case (One side; other side is different.) (Right) Wall hanging with embroidered crane


Finally, I would like to do some research on two topics if there is time. First, The Red Cross: it works worldwide, which makes it an international organization that helps people from all walks of life. And since I am Jewish and embrace Tikkun Olam (repair of the world), it’s a perfect match! And second, the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in New York City, whose 100th anniversary is March 25th. That fire, killing 145 women, sparked a major change in legislation to give workers shorter hours and better working conditions. Sadly, many of the women who went on strike to bring about these changes died in the fire before they reaped the benefits of their endeavors.

Enjoy whatever weather you are having, wherever you may be living, visiting, or vacationing.  March is the transition between winter & spring, so be flexible as the weather!

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