End of the Year 2020 Acrostic

Our writing prompt for my ZOOM creative writing group this week: How COVID-19 affected us this year. Here’s my take:


The Impact of the PANDEMIC 2020 on My Life


Patience with myself and others as well as when doing my chores. (The Zen of housecleaning!)

Appreciation of Life in general (my health, my social security, my husband)

Novel completion during 2020 and working on 2nd draft of Full Set of Nails.

Delight in things I used to take for granted, ex. warm clothes, good friends, fresh food, etc.

Endurance during this difficult time: monitoring my physical & mental health.

Memory-Building by keeping track of my friendships and family ties through phone, e-mail, etc.

Inventiveness by re-using, recycling, making do & doing nothing, instead of wasting time worrying I am not doing enough.

Compassion for those who have lost loved ones during this time, whether to COVID-19 or other causes.


Here’s hoping for a happier, safer, healthier 2021!


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