Postscripts to International Women’s Day

These two items came in my email and my snail mail after I had posted International Women’s Day organizations. Too good not to share! (Photos from the Internet)
A Ukrainian Woman (One Equal Measure of Heroic Hearts)
by Mary Lou Meyers
She stares straight into the camera lens,
deep-set brown eyes intent, hair short enough
to be confused with her fighting husband on the front
except for her curving figures hidden underneath her fatigues.
More than just perfect features is the determined look
in her eyes which both internalizes the Ukrainian plight,
but are soft and giving to her babe in arms with her maternal gaze.
A profile in courage often witnessed in men only secondarily women,
 but here it is marked well with the purely driven motives
 which represent a powerful equation in the fight for survival against the Tyrant Putin.
Who better than women forever fighting on the Home Front
in one way or the other.  I still remember the story my mother told me:
 Once upon a time in a small village of who know where and when
a Conqueror said to the women, “children exempt, you can take all your valuables on your back
everything else will be destroyed in your wake!”
These sturdy women carried their men as they were once
carried over the threshold.
My Grandmother during WW11 saved her six girls
from certain death by hunger or abuse from the troops marching through;
when bone soup was truly bone soup from the butcher
with a little cabbage and potatoes thrown in,
but they never gave in.
Neither did my Mother during the Depression,
When Dad’s Union was on strike for unsafe practices,
and there was so little coming in, but she made everything
for us and kept us going with her Victory Garden.
“ If there’s a will, there’s a way!”
Kind of like an obsession till the day she died.
The Ukrainian women have the same vital stuff.
My brother says “You have the same DNA!”
“Will there be any stars in my crown?” My mother used to sing.
Make way for women, let the rafters ring with their accomplishments!
Courage cannot be patented and stored and given freely
to those who ask for it.  But it seems if you dig down deep enough,
 the children and grandchildren of survivors can find it
ready-made in their DNA!  Remember those little talks you had
with your Father, Mother, Grandparents events unfolding when
Life was in turmoil, and they were fighting for their very lives.
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield!
Note: On Tuesday I highlighted four organizations focused on women in the world. This came in my mail yesterday and focuses on women in the Americas.
Mary’s Pence: Funding Women, Changing Lives
Artwork by Blanca Villaseñor Guevara
From the info I rec’d, quoted:
Mission: Mary’s Pence invests in women across the Americas by funding
community initiatives and fostering collaborations to create social change.
Vision: We envision a world where empowered women and their communities flourish in solidarity and justice.
The focus of this organization’s work  (for 35 years)is to empower women to address blatant social, economic, cultural and racial disparities, getting at the root causes of injustice for women.
For more information and/or to donate, go to the website:
Update: 3/21/22-P.S. I just donated through Pay Pal. here’s the link:
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